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Across all of our businesses, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from manufacturing and construction to finance, services and leisure.In addition to our 53 domestic affiliates, we boast 78 overseas offices and branches. We are proud to be recognised as one of Korea’s leading business groups, providing customers around the globe with world class products and services.

As we enter an exciting new growth phase underpinned by our commitment to green energy and biotechnology, we aim to deliver a sustainable, profitable future for our customers, our companies and the world at large.

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Growing into a global construction company to build Happiness for customers

Since its spin-off from Hanwha Corp. in 2002, Hanwha E&C has grown by six times over ten years by recording an annual growth rate of 20 percent. This incredible growth was made possible through the successful completion of mega development projects, including the urban development project in sorae Nonyeon District in Incheon [Incheon EcoMetro], the first and largest urban development project in Korea, and Daedok Techno Valley. Hanwha E&C will increase its share of orders from overseas to more than 50 percent of all its orders and raise its share of sales from core strategic project groups [public sector, remodeling/redeveloping and large development projects] to 60 percent of its entire domestic sales. Moreover, Hanwha E&C will diversify its overseas projects with the Middle East and North Africa remaining as its strategic foothold region so that it can further solidify its presence in the global market.

Hanwha E&C is growing into a leading construction company through its active engagement at home and abroad by capitalizing on its stable financial structure, rich experience and proprietary technologies. It will venture out on the global stage to become a global general construction company by reinforcing domestic core business and diversifying overseas business.

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